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Feb 14

Common Roof Problems and how to fix them

The roof covers your head and keeps you safe from the elements. It will last for decades but will eventually fall apart.

Common Roof Problems: Symptoms of Roof Leakage


Roof leaks don't necessarily have to cause a torrential downpour, but can also be intermittent drips, drips, and drips. If you notice a small leak on your roof or a stain growing, it could be a minor one.


Many roof surfaces, including slate, metal, and tile, can be very slippery. This makes it dangerous when they are paired with steep slopes. These roofs should only be repaired by someone who is experienced in these types of roofing materials. For roof repair Katy, it is a good idea to hire a professional such as roofing companies Katy because they have the right tools and experience.


The Most Common Roofing Repairs


  • Boots with vents

It is possible to crack or tear the rubber boot that surrounds the plumbing vents. If the aluminum flashing isn't leaking, it may be possible to simply replace the boot.


You will need a boot that is the same size as the vent pipe to replace the flashing. It is possible to find flashing units that have adjustable boots. Take out any nails along the front edge of the flashing. Lift the base and boot off the pipe using a flat bar. Before sliding the roof sealant over the pipe, make sure it covers the shingle course. Cover any exposed heads with neoprene washers or replace the nails.


Leakages could also occur in other parts of the roof's flashing such as the counter flashing around your chimney, the step flashing at a neighboring wall, or at the foot a dormer. If the counter flashing around your chimney leaks, you can use roof sealant to repair cracks and glue individual sections down.


If you find a leak in the flashing around a dormer or sidewall, there are two options. First, remove the siding and shingles from the area to be replaced with flashing.


You can also apply roof sealant carefully to repair the damaged flashing. It is important to keep the sealant's surface flat. Large beads or lumps will redirect water and prevent it from draining properly.


  • Ice dams are one type of ice dam.


You may have experienced ice dams leaking if you live in a cold area. Warm air escapes from the attic via the eaves. This causes a freeze-thaw cycle close to the roof's edge. The ice forms when it collides with warm, humid air and melts. This allows water to seep under the shingles and into your house. The shingles will be damaged if the ice is removed. You can install a roof deicing cable, but it is not a long-term solution. A better option is to seal air leaks in your attic and improve insulation. Roofers may also recommend installing a self-adhesive membrane along the roof's perimeter and new shingles.


  • Gutters

If your gutters aren't cleaned regularly, they can cause problems with your roof. A clogged downspout can cause the gutter to back up. The gutter can become clogged with vegetation, which may cause water damage to the fascia and rotting of rafter tails. Additional water damage could be caused by excess water leaking onto the siding and windows.


The solution is to inspect and clean the gutters at least twice a year. A ladder and small garden trowel are necessary to remove dead leaves and twigs. A hose is also helpful so that you can spray water on smaller particles.


You may need to repair gutters that are more than a decade old. You should ensure that your gutter is securely attached with fascia. If necessary, you can also repair the hangers. Use a caulk gun to repair any leaky seams and a tube roof sealant.


  • Moss


Even if your house is partially shaded, moss can grow on roofs that aren’t exposed to sunlight. You might think this is a good thing if you are a hobbit. But moss can be a problem for everyone. It can get under the shingles and cause leaks by rupturing the seal. It accelerates the degradation of roofing materials, especially asphalt shingles and cedar.


There are many ways to remove moss from a roof. If you are installing a new roof, it is advisable to place strips of copper or zinc between the shingle course. This will stop moss from growing. You can climb up to your roof if you don't have a ladder.


Commercial sprays can be used to kill moss. You can also make a solution with one part laundry bleach and one percent water and spray the moss. After twenty minutes, rinse the hose off.



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