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Slate vs Synthetic which is Better for My Home?

Mar 28


Slate Shingles

Slate shingles are made from natural slate rock, which is hand-split to give the edges of the tiles a gorgeous irregular appearance. Slate tiles can only be installed one at a time, in contrast to shingles. This requires exceptional skill and attention to detail.



Natural slate shingles are extremely durable and customizable. Because of the nature of a slate roof's design, it is possible to choose tiles with different sizes and colors to achieve a more distinct, stylized appearance. A stylish roof is durable! In favorable conditions, slate roofs can last up to 100 years. This means that your roof is likely to be around for decades to come. This is a huge advantage!



It's also a complicated and difficult method to install slate roofing. Sure, slate rock is naturally strong and durable under all extreme weather, but slate tiles could crack or break if a Roof It Better roofing crew is not careful in their installation. This is why it is crucial to employ a highly experienced and expert roofing contractor to put up your roof on your palm. Additionally slate is a heavy-duty material, meaning that every structure it covers has to be optimized for that weight. If your house has robust framing and has the support necessary, this shouldn't be an issue. Synthetic slate may be an ideal option if your house isn't constructed for the type of roofing material.


Synthetic Slate

Synthetic slate shingles are constructed from recycled materials and are modeled after natural slate using chisel marks to add the distinctive, imperfect look of slate rock!



Synthetic slate tiles weigh a fraction of what natural slate weighs. That means that no additional structural support is required when installing them! This makes it a great slate option for residential constructions in the majority. Synthetic slate is extremely sturdy as it is treated with UV inhibitors to protect from sun damage. Synthetic slate roofs, just like natural slate can be styled by using different sizes of tiles and shades.



Synthetic slate is not without its disadvantages in that it's not yet long enough to gauge its longevity. It is true that synthetic slate tiles result from extensive research and rigorous testing, but it is still one of the newer roofing system materials that the globe offers. Every manufacturer of slate tile made from synthetic materials creates different products, and therefore palm beach roofers should be trusted when choosing the best option for your house.


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