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The Best Roofing Materials for Longevity and Durability

May 25

Choosing the right roofing material is critical for resale value, insurance, and curb appeal. While you may be tempted to go for high-end materials, they can be fragile during installation. In addition, high-quality roofing materials need to be installed correctly for a long lifespan. Honest craftsmanship and modern science can help make the materials more durable. Read on to learn more about the best roofing materials for your home.

Roofing Materials

Clay tiles are the longest-lasting

If you have ever been in the business of roofing your home, you are likely to have come across clay tiles. Using clay as a roofing material has several advantages. For starters, it is the longest-lasting material on the market. The durability of clay roofing is unmatched. If properly maintained, clay roof tiles can last as long as 150 years. And the aesthetic appeal of clay tiles is incomparable to other roofing materials. Plus, they are recyclable.

Another benefit of clay roof tiles is that they are very energy efficient. Because they trap heat in themselves, they allow good airflow. That prevents heat from building up on your roof and dissipates it into the surrounding atmosphere. One downside of clay roof tiles is their cost. If you install a clay roof on your home, you should expect to spend anywhere from eight to twenty-five dollars per square foot, including labor. However, if you install clay roof tiles on your home, you'll end up spending much less than you would on a new asphalt roof.

Slate is the most durable

Slate is a very durable roofing material. Slate is found in abundance in many countries worldwide. The mineral composition of slate is what determines the color of each piece. Slate has a purple hue from the presence of hematite and a green hue from the presence of chlorite.

Although slate roofing can last for centuries, it is still susceptible to damage. It is not uncommon for an A/C repairman or a fallen tree branch to damage a slate roof. Replacing slate tiles can be difficult, since the material is not easily available in the same color. Moreover, the availability of slate tiles makes it difficult to find a perfect match. If you have a slate roof installed by a professional, expect to spend hundreds of dollars on repairs.

Wood shingles are prone to cracking

One of the main causes of cracking in wood shingles is heat. When the temperature in your home increases, the water inside the shingles expands, causing them to crack. As a result, shingles can easily separate from the roof over time. Cracked shingles can loosen from the roof and expose the roof structure to decay and moisture. Nails used to secure the roof can also cause cracks and splits.

A wooden roof requires periodic treatments with fungicides and preservatives to prevent the cracking and warping of the roof. To prevent warping, mildew, and rot, wood roofs must be treated to resist these conditions. Wood roofs should also be cleaned and maintained at least once every few years. A wooden roof is not as durable as asphalt shingles, so proper maintenance and cleaning are essential.

Metal roofs are energy efficient

Compared to asphalt roofs, metal roofs last about twenty to thirty years. They require little maintenance and don't split or crack. The material's reflective properties mean that they don't suffer the same rapid deterioration from the sun as other roofs. In addition to their durability, metal roofs add value to a home and will save money on energy bills every month. These benefits are so great that many people have switched to metal roofs for their homes.

The energy savings of metal roofs is one of the primary reasons that many homeowners opt for them. Because they reflect solar radiation, they keep the inside of the house cooler. Even with the heat that is reflected off of a metal roof, this material can reduce cooling costs by 25 percent. Furthermore, some types of metal roofing are treated with special reflective pigments that help minimize heat gain and keep the interior of the building comfortable.

Built-up roofing is heavy

A built-up roof is a popular option. The ply sheets of this type of roofing are reinforced with fiberglass or other organic materials, then laid over a thin layer of hot or cold bitumen. This type of roofing is very durable, but can have problems with water damage, especially if the layers start to fail. Listed below are some things to keep in mind when choosing this type of roofing for your home.

Built-up roofing is a popular option for many commercial buildings. Despite the fact that it is expensive, built-up roofing is the most affordable flat roofing material. Prices vary widely, and a typical roof can cost anywhere from $250 per square foot to over $800. Although this material is durable and lightweight, its main disadvantages are that it is expensive to install and has a short lifespan.


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