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How long does a flat roof last?

Aug 16

Homeowners and other property owners need to know when your roof will need to be replaced. Flat roofs have a shorter life expectancy than pitched roofs. How long your flat roof lasts will depend on the type of flat roofing you choose, how it is maintained, how the climate is, how well the roof was installed, and what kind of maintenance it receives. Flat roofs can last up to 20 years, while others may last for less than a decade.

What is the life expectancy of TPO roofing?

The average life expectancy for a TPO roof is approximately 20 years. TPO roofing is a relatively recent type. It can withstand the extreme California sun. TPO roofing costs are also lower than other options. 

An adequately installed TPO roof can last up to 20 years with proper maintenance. Expert installation is vital. This type of roofing is not something that all roofing companies are familiar with. TPO roofs that are poorly installed can fail before a decade has passed.

We use genFlex TPO roofing materials. We have a lot of experience and adhere to high standards. These roofs are resistant to the same environmental conditions that can cause flat roofs to fall in California: high temperatures, high winds, earthquakes, salt spray, and high temperatures. They have a very long life expectancy.

What is the life expectancy of PVC roofs?

PVC roofs have a life expectancy of 20+ years. Another excellent flat roof option is PVC, which can last up to 20 years. Vinyl is a form of vinyl that reflects sunlight, making it more durable and helping to keep the building below it cool. Installation can be complex and may require hot welding of new pieces to the roof. These roofs can fail prematurely if they are not appropriately maintained.

How long do EPDM roofs last?

EPDM roofs last slightly longer than PVC or TPO and last between 15-20 years. These roofs are large rolls of rubber. Although they are not as complex as TPO roofs, they can be an excellent option for flat roofs. It is easy to repair. We will replace or remove any rubber part that is damaged or has begun to leak.

What is the life expectancy of BUR roofing?

Built-up roofing (BUR), also known as tar and gravel roof, combines layers from both materials to make a waterproof roof. These roofs are less durable and require more maintenance than other types. Leakages can penetrate different layers of a BUR roof. It is possible to have multiple layers repaired at different places, which can lead to time-consuming work.

How long will your roof last?

Only a professional flat roof repair Omaha can give you an estimate of how long your particular roof will last. It's a good idea to get an inspection and estimate. It will allow you to decide how to prolong its lifespan and stop repairing roofs in dire need of replacement.