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What are the effects of poor roofing construction?

Aug 23

Although the roof is the essential part of your home, it is also the most neglected. The roof is rarely checked for damage unless there are serious problems.

Roof repairs can be costly, and replacing them can prove expensive. 


However, some roof problems are not avoidable. It is important to spot problems early, so that roof repairs are less costly. Here are some common roof problems that can affect you.

1: Algae and Staining

People want their roofs to be clean and neat. You will notice a problem with algae or stains as soon as they occur. High-pressure water sprays are often used by homeowners to address the problem. However, we do not recommend this. 


This can decrease the lifespan of the shingles and cause more cost. Algae thrive in dampness and moisture. Algae will first appear in shaded areas on your roof. They are easy to overlook, but they can quickly escalate and cause damage to your roof, which could compromise its structural integrity.

2: Blistering

Blisters are caused by gas (mostly water vapour) getting trapped between the insulation and or within the plies. The gas expands on sunny days and warm nights, and bubbles can form on the roof's surface. These bubbles are caused by moisture trapped on the roof.


Although small blisters can cause minor damage, they can be ignored for a time. This can reduce the life expectancy of the shingles. You will need to replace the affected section or the entire slope if the damage is extensive.

3: Damaged Flashing

They are flashing seals and weatherproof the joints and surrounding areas of structures such as chimneys, pipes, and windows. Flashing prevents water from entering the roof, which can cause extensive damage. Most flashings are made of galvanised steel and aluminium.

Water can seep into the flashing and cause damage. It can also cause roof damage to the flashing. It is best to identify the problem early and make roof repairs.

4 Shingles

Missing or damaged shingles are the most obvious problem on a roof. This can happen for many reasons. Lousy installation, storms, or damage can all be reasons. It doesn't matter what the cause is; it should be fixed immediately. 


Leakage and water damage can result from missing shingles. These shingles can be a sign of moisture and leakage or cause problems.

5 Rotting

Rotting is a severe problem. Excessive and persistent exposure to moisture can cause rotting. This can cause damage to your roof's structural integrity and lead to costly roof  repairs. Identifying rotting roofs as soon as possible is essential, and fixing them immediately.


These are the most common roof problems. You can prevent them by properly caring for your roof and catching the problem before it becomes too severe.


Here you read the effects of poor roofing construction. If you want to get the best roofing results then it is necessary to hire only professional roof repair Pittsburgh.