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How do you know if your roof is going to collapse?

Oct 8

If your roof collapses, you're in serious trouble. Roof repair is an essential part of home maintenance. It's important to know the signs that will indicate a roof falling. Your roof needs to be maintained in good condition. 

This will not only preserve its aesthetic beauty but also prevent any future problems. Repairing a fallen roof is only the beginning of the expense you will face.

Roofs are usually repaired once per year or as needed. However, winter storm damage could exacerbate problems. Winter storms can cause damage to your roof. You'll need to be vigilant to ensure your roof can withstand the winter storms.

These are signs to look for to determine if your roof needs repairs.

1. Doors and Windows are difficult to open or close

This sign is often overlooked as it occurs during seasons change, so it might not seem like a problem. It's a sign that your roof has suffered structural shifting and may need to be repaired.

2. Sprinkler heads that are not aligned

Because most people have never seen them in action, buildings and infrastructures do not have sprinklers to show. Sprinklers pushed out of their housings or showing signs of misalignment indicate that the ceiling has moved. This can be dangerous for your roof, but it could also cause sprinklers to become inoperable due to pressure.

3. Creaking and Squeaking

You may hear creaking or slight popping sounds in your home. This is common and often attributed to aging. It's not normal to hear these sounds as rain falls on your roof in winter storms. This is another sign that your roof could be falling apart. This is the best time to have a roof inspection before any more winter storm damage.

4. Buckling Support Structures

This sign is usually seen after heavy snowfalls. The snow can cause pressure buildup and damage to the support structures. This causes deformation and buckling. There may be missing screws or cracked wood components.

5. Cracks in Roofs and Walls

Is it possible that you are going to put this on aging? This is a clear sign that your roof needs to be repaired. Roof collapse is not an issue of whether but when. It's similar to the cracks you may have seen while building a sandcastle. These signs could lead to problems when winter storms hit.

6. Sagging

Your roof is just like any other thing in danger of falling apart. It is not common for the roof to collapse suddenly. Most likely, you will notice sagging in addition to all other signs. This could be caused by snow accumulation. This is when you should be aware that your roof may have other signs of damage from snow storms.

7. Leaks

It doesn't matter if it rains outside. Your roof may be leaking if you feel it. This is not the right time to have your roof inspected. It is better to get a proper roofing installation before your roof collapses. Putting buckets and tubs under dripping roofs is not a good idea.

  • Deformed supports, creping, and misaligned sprinklers indicate that your roof could be in trouble. When experts arrive, it is intelligent to have your roof inspected. Sagging, cracks, and leaks are all signs of a damaged roof. They could lead to a roof falling soon. 

These signs are not indicative of a roof that is about to fall. Anything out of place should concern homeowners. Make sure you are safe and have your ceilings and walls checked.


Your house will always be the house you dreamed of if it is well taken care of. Your home will always be your safe place. It takes only a tiny amount of energy and time. Give a call to Roofing Mississauga to learn more.