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Can you replace just part of the roof?

Jan 15


It doesn't matter if your roof was damaged by windstorms, hail, or fallen trees, you don't have to replace the entire roof. Is it possible to replace only a portion of your roof or do you need an entire roof replacement? It all depends on how severe the damage is. Let's take a look at some Roof repair tips:


You don't need to be concerned if you lose a few shingles after a storm. While it is important to have a professional roof repair inspect your roof as soon as possible due to the possibility of missing or curled shingles, this shouldn't be a cause for alarm. Your roofer can tell you how much damage was done to the decking or underlayment of your roof. If they are in good condition, they will slip in some new shingles to replace the ones that have disappeared.


 It is important to speak with your roofer as soon as possible. The more roof underlayment is damaged, the longer the roof has been without shingles. Once that happens, it's time to make a bigger repair. It is not easy to match the shade and color of a roof with just patching shingles. This is especially true if your roof has been around for a while. Although you might not notice the patches, they can prolong the roof's life for 10-15 years.


Instead of losing a few roof shingles, what if you have extensive damage to a handful of small areas? You might wonder if it is possible to patch the damage if it is less than half the roof. Roofing repairs recommend that you speak to our professionals first. A small repair job from the outside may be more serious when your roofer inspects it closely. Our roofer will inspect your attic to determine if water seepage or damage has occurred to the underlayment.


You might be able to get your roof repaired if there isn't any water damage. It can be difficult to match roof colors, especially if the existing shingles have seen some weathering. It's possible to get a match but it might not be perfect. Patching is a good option if you want to save money and maintain your roof in great shape.


It's usually in your best interests to replace your entire roof if half or more of your roof is damaged. First, it can be difficult to re-roof only half of a house. The roofs on the other side will have different ages. It will be more difficult to repair roofs if you only roof half your home. It will be more difficult to match roofs on half-roof repairs. If you are selling your home, it will also be difficult to restore roofs on both sides. Homeowners should consider a complete re-roofing if the roof is more than half damaged. 


You might feel stuck if your insurance only covers a partial roof repair. When your roofer tells you that you need a new roof but your insurance only covers a partial repair, it can be difficult to know what to do. It might be a good idea to meet with your insurance adjuster and your roofer. Your roofer may be able to explain to your adjuster why it isn't a good idea to only repair a part of the roof because roof repair costs are so high.